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Flame polishing

Flame polishing is based on fast melting of very thin glass layer on the already shaped product. Due to surface tension on the molten layer it removes small surface faults like marks from the mould, cold waves, sharp edges, cut marks or orange peel and makes the surface with shining briliance. Burners with surface mixing enable to work with wide range of mixtures, from reducing to oxidising flame character.

principles of burners

Glass reheating in hand made production

Oxy-fuel burners are widely used in hand made glass production for flame polishing as well as for rounding of sharp edges or for reheating of products which are supposed to be hot shaped. Typically they are used for reheating of pulled stems, shaping of handles, rims etc. Standard kit contains gas economiser (foot switch) with control valves, pilot burner, holders.

Rim (edge) melting

Used for blown as well as pressed glass. The most frequently used for rounding of rims after cold cut of blown glass products. The burners are often installed on round or oval carousel machines. Typically row oxy-fuel burners are used for high intensity rim melting together with radiant burners for release of internal stress or preheating.

Cracking (cold cut)

For cut off the upper part from the blown piece of glass there are used burners with very sharp and concentrated flame. Most of these burners are as premix ones.

Radiant burners

Air- fuel burners predicted for low temperature applications. Radiant burners can be operated in almost flameless mode with high efficiency of combustion, gives very even heating. Often use for deep preheating of glass befoere rim melting, heating with a goal to release internal tension or to heat ss conveyor belts. The burner face made out of high temperature resistant metal wire enables very fast start and shutt-off without any danger of cracks and makes the burners very resistant.

Special burners

Tailor made premix burners, optionally with water cooling, hot cut burners, burners for heat treatment and special burners for gas blacking of internal surface of moulds for better separation from glass.

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