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Principals of flame polishing burners
Surface mixing burners

There is no mixing chamber, fuel gas and oxidising means are kept separately up to the burner front plate. Mixing is carried out just in front of the burner. This principle gives some advantages:
- very simple and safe start up and stop of burners
- no risk of flash back regardless mixing ratio
- no need of water cooling in most cases
- multifuel - H2, LPG, NP,
- jednoduchá instalace a seřízení
- no need of mixer or flash back arrestors

Categories of surface mixing burners

Burners with internal mixing (premix)

They work with combustible mixture of fuel gas and oxidant. The mixture is prepared by means of a mixer. Combustion velocity has to be balanced with velocity in the burner nozzles in dependence on the ratio between fuel gas and oxidant. If velocity in the nozzles is lower than combustion velocity than the flame flashes back. In case of perfect adjustment the premix burners give very concentrated and very intensive flame.